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We perform photo shoots on order.

Visually attractive pictures catch an eye and appeal to potential viewers of the products and services. Photo shoots on client’s order improve brand image and build its positive corporate image. We cooperate with experienced fashion photographs, lifestyle photographs and reporters. Photo correction is performed by our experienced graphics.


  • Corporal and business photo shoots: We create employees’ portraits that reflects their personalities and build positive brand image.
  • Advertisement photo shoot: photography realised due to the needs of advertising campaigns (billboards, posters, Citi lights).
  • GIF and Cinemagraph: Photography performed under these techniques make an impression of watching a movie, what increases the attractiveness of the photos.
  • Product photos (packshots): We perform professional product photos that increase sales.
  • 360 Photos: We realise 360 Photos that perfectly present the whole spaces around the camera, so they are ideal to present the clients i.e. venue’s décor.
  • Backstage Photos: Along with recording movies for our clients we also offer backstage photos.
  • Photojournalism: We take photos of conferences and company events, company retreats and other meetings.