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Corporate presentation (corporate movie) used in communication inside the company, as well as outside, builds positive impression and prestige among potential clients, partners, employees and candidates

While creating an advertisement as an aim we put conjuring particular emotions among the viewers, emotions such as: curiosity, joy, affection as well as impressions – credibility, modernity, sophistication. When the picture delights, and emotions and impressions awakened by the movie transfer to attitude towards the brand and the product, the advertisement is well developed, and our job completed. Video is an effective promotional tool, that is why they are chose so often to present the product, service, project or even the place or idea in the most attractive way. Usually promotional movies are shared on web pages and internet portals, what provides to enforce the brand awareness and to introduce the offer to a big number of the Internet users.

Inviting the viewer to company’s space and giving the floor to the employees, the employer builds a positive image and credibility in applicants’ eyes. Recruitment and employer branding materials reflects the place’s atmosphere and the team’s spirit. They might inform about recruitment process, available posts as well as advantages resulting from the employment in the particular company.

Due to the video movies it is possible to convey the knowledge and skills to the audience in the modern and not expensive way. The audience may be a big group of the clients of the particular company, as well as the smaller group, i.e. a particular enterprise’s department. Classical movie materials and animated forms functions perfectly here.

Very short, 8-seconds or 15-seconds, advertisement movies and animations presenting sponsors of the television broadcast or film show, that aim at increasing brand reputation, products or trademarks. Just like classical advertising spots they are an effective tool for promotion in cinematography and television, but their cost is often much cheaper.

Recording a music video featuring employees is a great way for integration and warming up the relations. The participants, under the eye of leisure time animators and director, create role-plays for popular, early chosen, song and they have various stage props at their disposal. Main advantages of Lip Dubs are spontaneity, authenticity and blast.

Trade fairs are important events throughout company’s life. Unfortunately, not every employee has possibility to take part in those events. It is worth to eternise it on attractive and dynamic movie that would support actions promoting further editions of the event. This kind of the material would also be a kind souvenir to the event’s guests.