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We create projects that go beyond the usual forms of advertising. We prepare animations embedded in 2D and 3D space – depending on individual preferences of our clients. Let’s establish a recording script with them before starting work, paying attention to the story, informative character and building emotions. Using the trends in marketing and branding as well as modern technologies and computer techniques, we prepare animation that engages the viewer’s interest. They can be the leading television program, product advertising, brand promotion and even instruction.

Depending on the individual needs and expectations of clients, we use different techniques, a different type of narrative, different storylines. We care about the selection of appropriate media, so that the whole concept has a coherent character and corresponds to the profile of the company.

5 steps to your animation


Working on any animation we begin from collecting necessary information that enable us to fit Yours expectations.


The next step is preparing the offer – presentation of the idea for the animation with references and initial budget.


Presentation of the artistic conception and the script. Establishing shooting schedule and the final budget. We encourage to create a storyboard or an animatic, that on this stage would enable You to visualise our common idea – optional.


Sending first 5-10 seconds animation fragments or essential elements. Matching the lector or music – in some cases we recommend choice at earlier stages what allows us to create an animation directly for music and/or the lector. Due to that we shorten production time.


At this stage we deliver first version of the animation, implement possible remarks and corrections. Next we deliver the final version, since now You can enjoy Your inimitable product.