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We specialize in film production

We provide a full range of services related to film production. We have been recording advertising spots, corporate films and many more for many years. Our films combine a perfect visual sphere with original music, and the combination of these two elements always results in a clear message that goes to viewers. We specialize in the production of corporate, instructional, training videos, promotional films, advertising spots, sponsorship billboards, as well as advertising animations and many more. We are part of the VCV Systems company. We have been on the market since 2009 and every year we offer an ever wider range of production services based on modern video solutions. We implement over 200 projects annually for clients from various industries.


Video production masters

We share experience and passion, and each day we stimulate our creativity to execute orders that perfectly reflect the needs of our clients. The graduates of the best universities related to video production work for us: the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theater. Leon Schiller in Łódź; Warsaw Film School; Department of Radio and Television K Kieślowski at the University of Silesia. We cooperate with extended projects with operators, directors, production managers, sound technicians, gaffers, graphic artists and animators, make-up artists, set designers, film makers and actors. In addition to video production, we make animations. We have our own post-production and graphic studio, where experienced designers, graphic designers, colourists and motion designers work on our clients’ projects.


Promotional companies for every industry

Each order is unique for us. We work with image, sound and word. By combining these three elements, we give the customer a finished product. Always the result of our work are excellent film productions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Group of experts

We have built a group of experts from various fields related to film production and marketing. Specialists from audiovisual solutions carry out the highest quality projects for us. Thanks to achieving synergy and interchangeability, we can perform productions for clients from various industries. We are flexible and we even better match the solutions to the assumptions. With each project, we create a group of specialists who will be best suited to meet customer needs. They work for us: directors, screenwriters, producers, operators, make-up artists, actors, creative teams, sound engineers, set designers, animation specialists, lecturers, project managers and other professionals associated with the film industry, animation and marketing. We are constantly developing, and our team of employees is constantly growing. Send your CV along with your portfolio and join the ranks of the best!

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Video Cluster

A group of experts from each of the key areas for the implementation of top-class audio-visual products. It includes the best experts in their industry who, with BeeProduction coordination, can create much more complex and interesting projects than alone. It is also a group of experts who is able to advise the clients on what is best for them.